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Voice Music


Voice Music lets you control music playback on your Windows 8 phone just by speaking. You can ask the phone to play random albums, songs, artists or playlists. You can also request albums by name.

You can find Voice Music here. It’s free for Windows Phone 8 users and it works a treat over Bluetooth.


The very first time you run the program it will install a file of voice commands for the Windows Phone operating sytem. You then need to restart the program so that it can load the names of all your media into the voice command system. You will see a message requesting that you do this.

Installation Problems

If you repeatedly see the message "Restart to load media" message this may be because you have not yet enabled speech and instlled the audio dictionaries yet. Go to Settings>Speech and make sure that Enable Speech Recognition (its at the bottom of the page) is checked. If you want to use the voice response when the phone is locked then check that box too. This makes it work great with a Bluetooth headset or car kit.

Known Issues

At the moment the program is english only. We are working on translations of interface and voice command files for other regions.

Sometimes a single album can be spread over several media library items. This can result in you being asked to choose which of the albums you have selected when you ask for it. This will be fixed in the next release.

Random Pictures

If you want to see larger versions of the Random Pictures (and who doesn't) then take a look here. There will be more random pictures in the next version.

Reporting Problems

If you have a problem with the program send an email to and I'll get back to you.

If you like the program, please give it a few stars.

I’ve made a little video that shows how Voice Music works on Windows Phone 8. It stars my Yellow Lumia 920 and my left index finger.

Rob Miles