Thought for the Dazed

I've had to give up that Distance Learning course as I was having trouble seeing the teacher.

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C# Yellow Book

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Reference Materials

Windows Phone Blue Book - complete Windows Phone programming reference

C# Yellow Book - C# Programming Reference

Windows Phone

XNA Texture Display and Movement

Simple XNA Texture Display - displays a simple texture in an XNA Game

Moving XNA Texture Display - displays a texture that moves on the screen in a particular direction

Multiple XNA Textures - displays a large number of textures moving across the screen

Guide Text Input - simple sprite based game using animated sprites and touch panel input

Touch Panel Input

Individual Touch Inputs - shows how touch events can be used to select items on a screen

Windows Phone Piano - a touch screen piano complete with built in musical cheat

Object Flicking - using the Flick gesture to move objects around the screen

Simple Bounce Physics - using the Flick gesture to move objects with a simple physics model

Simple Bounce Physics - getting text from the user via the Guide


Tipping on one axis - shows how a simple tipping game can be created using the accelerometer

Tipping on two axes - tipping game with simple physics model and accelerometer controlled audio

Farseer Physis Engine

Simple Physics Game - shows physics based objects controlled by flick gestures

Simple 3D

3D Object Display - shows how a single 3D object can be loaded and manipulated using the touch panel

Raw Triangle Drawing - draws a large number of coloured triangles


Album Image Display - shows how album artwork can be obtained and animated using the accelerometer

Photo Viewer - selects a picture at random and displays it

Ringtone Set - sets a ringtone from a WMA file

Web Services

Twitter Banner - displays a twitter feed as a large moving text display

Map Freefall - shows how to load a location map as an image in Bing Maps and use in a simple game

.NET Micro Framework

Texas EZ430 Watch Interface - shows how to connect a Texas programmable watch to a CHI ChipworkX board.