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I've had to give up that Distance Learning course as I was having trouble seeing the teacher.

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Sweepy Cleaner is one of the few carpet cleaning video games in existence. It is the basis of cousework for the the 2011-2012 First Year 08120 programming module at Hull University.  And some really poor artwork (which will probably need to be updated for the production version)

The playfield shows a top down view of a typical living room, with a chair, a sofa, a TV and a table. The player controls a vacuum cleaner (the white dot) that is moved around the playing area and used to pick up dust and dirt that appears randomly on the playfield. The cleaner can be controlled by the direction keys on the keyboard.  Points are scored by moving the cleaner over the dark dust areas which removes the dust.  If the cleaner touches any of the objects in the room the cleaner is damaged and the player will lose health.  When the health of the player reaches zero the game ends.

In later levels the player must avoid the beam from the "Deadly Lightshade" and pick up "Magic Pixie Dust" to add health and upgrade their cleaner.